The Holiday Season: Friend or Foe?


Well it’s here…the often anticipated holiday season.  Just think, these next three months will be filled with candy, sweet drinks, meats, breads, and desserts of all kinds. Late night eating, taste testing, and exhaustion are all causes of those dreaded 15 holiday pounds that most people gain these next few months. So how can you make the holiday season more friend than foe? Follow these tips!

Focus on the FUN not the food.

While it’s tempting to have extra helpings of your favorite holiday treats, put your focus on being around the people you love rather than the food you can’t seem to resist. Would you still enjoy your family if there wasn’t any pumpkin pie around? If the answer is yes, then use your time having fun with your family, rather than eating.

Don’t take a holiday from physical activity.

If you must indulge (a little) be sure to keep up with your physical activity to try and combat those extra calories that you may be consuming over the next couple of months. Don’t fall victim to taking a holiday break from your exercise time. You will regret it come January 1st!

Be a Holiday Hero.

Want to win over the hearts of your family and friends this holiday while staying healthy? Consider modifying a traditional meal with more health conscious ingredients or making a new healthy meal to add to your family’s traditions. You’ll not only bring a new flavor to your holiday party, but you may even be a hero to anyone who, like you, is looking to stay healthy during the holiday season.

Remember a little goes a long way.

Okay…so you just can’t resist the food. After all, you only get to eat it during this time of year. If this is the case, try swapping your big dinner plate of your favorites for a small saucer of them all. A little goes a long way. Just having a taste could soothe your holiday cravings and you won’t have to feel stuffed or guilty. Remember, a minute on the lips can lead to years on the hips!

So if you want the holidays to be more friend and less foe, be health conscious to be happy!